[Wine]Re: From a newbie: how to run MS Word?

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Thu Dec 23 13:38:34 CST 2004

> Thanks to you all... 
> The problem is, that the file winword.exe is in the directory 
> '/mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office', with a space between 'Microsoft' and 'Office', 
> so when I try to enter that directory with '$ cd /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office' I get: 
> 	bash: cd: /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft: No such file or directory 
> . I'm afraid to change as root the dir's name into 'Microsoft_Office' for fear to compromise the correct working of 
> Windows. 
> Any hint about that? 
 You have 2 ways to solve this:
 1) Encapsulate all the path to double quotes: cd "/mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office"
 2) Put a backslash before the space: cd /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft\ Office/Office
                              With regards, Pavel

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