[Wine]Re: From a newbie: how to run MS Word?

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Thu Dec 23 15:06:10 CST 2004

Joachim von Thadden wrote:

>Am Do, Dez 23, 2004 at 07:57:13 +0100 schrieb romeomedina at libero.it:
>>Thanks to you all... 
>>The problem is, that the file winword.exe is in the directory 
>>'/mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office', with a space between 'Microsoft' and 'Office', 
>>so when I try to enter that directory with '$ cd /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office' I get: 
>>	bash: cd: /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft: No such file or directory 
>>. I'm afraid to change as root the dir's name into 'Microsoft_Office' for fear to compromise the correct working of 
>Yes, you should fear that!  We can give you hints here but the next one
>("put the path in double quotes") will lead you to the next problem ("it
>does not work anyway. why?") and us to the next answer ("it's because
>you can not simply copy a windows exe to somewhere and think it will
>work, because thats why people made installation programs nor can you
>(with some exceptions) execute programs without having their registry
>settings available; you have to made them available to wine"). With this
>we waste your and our time. The best way is to use a menu driven tool
>like the commercial CrossOver Office or the free WineTools and I don't
>understand why you don't just continue with it. Did you follow what I
>wrote you? It does work with 20041201 also and is extremely simple to
>	Joachim
Yes, I did install it and it seemed to run on FC2 latest wine.  I 
couldn't get anything installed... but, that's another story :-(
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