[Wine]Re: From a newbie: how to run MS Word?

romeomedina at libero.it romeomedina at libero.it
Thu Dec 23 15:47:09 CST 2004

Rodolfo wrote: 
>The problem is, that the file winword.exe is in the directory 
>'/mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office', with a space between 'Microsoft' and 'Office', 
> so when I try to enter that directory with '$ cd /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office' I get: 
> bash: cd: /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft: No such file or directory 
>[...] Any hint about that? 
Brad wrote: 
>put quotes around the path. 
Pavel wrote: 
> You have 2 ways to solve this: 
> 1) Encapsulate all the path to double quotes: cd "/mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft Office/Office" 
> 2) Put a backslash before the space: cd /mnt/windows/Programmi/Microsoft\ Office/Office 
Joachim wrote: 
>("put the path in double quotes") will lead you to the next problem ("it 
>does not work anyway. why?") and us to the next answer ("it's because 
>you can not simply copy a windows exe to somewhere and think it will 
>work, because thats why people made installation programs nor can you 
>(with some exceptions) execute programs without having their registry 
>settings available; you have to made them available to wine"). With this 
>we waste your and our time. The best way is to use a menu driven tool 
>like the commercial CrossOver Office or the free WineTools and I don't 
>understand why you don't just continue with it. Did you follow what I 
>wrote you? 
Neither with the double quotes nor with the backslash 
winword.exe doesn't manage to start. So I turned back to Winetools. 
That's what I did: 
I connected to internet; then, from another console, I did 
	$ wt 
, and chose 'Base setup', then "TrueType Arial": I got the message: 
'The config file says the software you want to install is already installed. Continue?'. 
I chose 'yes', there was a downloading, after which I accepted the license, and the installation went up to the end; 
I found myself in the 'Base setup' menu again, and selected DCOM98; there was a downloading as well, after 
I accepted the license, and the installation went up to the end; 
then I found myself in the 'Base setup' menu again, and selected the 
'Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (plain method)', and got the message: 
	After the installation your system.reg will be replaced! 
	You will loose all registry keys of installed programs (except for DCOM98)! 
	This is a full automatic installation of almost all components. 
	You can add additional components later by using the uninstaller. 
	Continue anyway? 
I chose 'no'. Then I exited the 'Base setup' menu, went into the Main Menu and continue with 
"Install additional software" and choose "Microsoft Office 2000". I got the message: 
	If you are asked for, select drive D: for installation. 
	Never install Office-Tools/Office-Assistents. 
	They might shredder your setup. 
I pressed 'o.k.' and got the message: 
	If you downloaded the file by yourself (e.g. in a different language) 
	you can use this one instead of the default. 
	Do you want to use the default? 
I chose 'yes' and got the message: 
	For this software you need a mounted CD. Shall I mount it for you? 
I chose 'yes', and got the error message: 
	Mounting of the CD failed. You should do it manually. 
I pressed 'o.k', and after a few seconds got the message: 
	It seems that the installation has failed. 
I pressed 'o.k.', and found myself in the Additional Software menu again. 
I exit WineTools. 
What now? Maybe it doesn't work with Wine 20041201? 
Or what wrong did I do? 

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