[Wine]Re: From a newbie: how to run MS Word?

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Fri Dec 24 17:02:28 CST 2004

Am Do, Dez 23, 2004 at 10:47:09 +0100 schrieb romeomedina at libero.it:
> Thanks! 
> Neither with the double quotes nor with the backslash 
> winword.exe doesn't manage to start. So I turned back to Winetools. 
> That's what I did: 
> I connected to internet; then, from another console, I did 
> 	$ wt 
> , and chose 'Base setup', then "TrueType Arial": I got the message: 
> 'The config file says the software you want to install is already installed. Continue?'. 
> I chose 'yes', there was a downloading, after which I accepted the license, and the installation went up to the end; 
> I found myself in the 'Base setup' menu again, and selected DCOM98; there was a downloading as well, after 
> which 
> I accepted the license, and the installation went up to the end; 
> then I found myself in the 'Base setup' menu again, and selected the 
> 'Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (plain method)', and got the message: 
> 	After the installation your system.reg will be replaced! 
> 	You will loose all registry keys of installed programs (except for DCOM98)! 
> 	This is a full automatic installation of almost all components. 
> 	You can add additional components later by using the uninstaller. 
> 	Continue anyway? 
> I chose 'no'. Then I exited the 'Base setup' menu, went into the Main Menu and continue with 

You have to say "yes" here, otherwiese there will be no installation of
IE6 as you already found out.

> "Install additional software" and choose "Microsoft Office 2000". I got the message: 
> 	If you are asked for, select drive D: for installation. 
> 	Never install Office-Tools/Office-Assistents. 
> 	They might shredder your setup. 
> I pressed 'o.k.' and got the message: 
> 	If you downloaded the file by yourself (e.g. in a different language) 
> 	you can use this one instead of the default. 
> 	Do you want to use the default? 
> I chose 'yes' and got the message: 
> 	For this software you need a mounted CD. Shall I mount it for you? 
> I chose 'yes', and got the error message: 
> 	Mounting of the CD failed. You should do it manually. 
> I pressed 'o.k', and after a few seconds got the message: 
> 	It seems that the installation has failed. 

Yes, and why is that so? It's because the CD was not mounted as the
program told you. During Base setup you created a new .wine directory
and were asked where your cdrom drive is. The prgram suggests /mnt/cdrom
but if this is not correct for your distribution you should use the
right path. I can not know the right path so you have to use your brain
here. If you are not familiar enough with your distribution and with
linux to know that, you have to consult the documentation of your
distribution, ask google or tell us what distribution you use.

> I exit WineTools. 
> What now? Maybe it doesn't work with Wine 20041201? 

No, the installation og Office 2000 does not work yet with WineTools.
Use wine-20041019 instead.

> Or what wrong did I do? 

You did not install anything at all!

"Never touch a running system! Never run a touching system?
          Never run a touchy system!!!"

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