[Wine]fst - err:dosmem:setup_dos_mem

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Dec 24 19:10:01 CST 2004

I've installed (maybe not sucessfully) wine 20041201, fst 1.6 and 
I'm using jack-0.99

When I try and execute jack_fst such as:

#jack_fst Crystal.dll

I receive the following error:

err:dosmem:setup_dos_mem Cannot use first megabyte for DOS address 
space, please report
can't connect to JACK

I assume that the first error message is from wine. Is that true? I 
haven't found a thread or docs on the wine list about this error. 
(I assume the 2nd error is because of the first reported error)

Anyone come across this?


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