[Wine]Re: From a newbie: how to run MS Word?

James E. LaBarre jamesl at bestweb.net
Fri Dec 24 21:00:25 CST 2004

Joachim von Thadden wrote:
>>I chose 'yes' and got the message: 
>>	For this software you need a mounted CD. Shall I mount it for you? 
>>I chose 'yes', and got the error message: 
>>	Mounting of the CD failed. You should do it manually. 
>>I pressed 'o.k', and after a few seconds got the message: 
>>	It seems that the installation has failed. 
> Yes, and why is that so? It's because the CD was not mounted as the
> program told you. During Base setup you created a new .wine directory
> and were asked where your cdrom drive is. The prgram suggests /mnt/cdrom
> but if this is not correct for your distribution you should use the
> right path.

Well, not entirely true.  I had to change the path to match the one on 
my work system (Fedora Core 3, kernel 2.6.9 has the CD mounted at 
/media/cdrecorder).  So that was the path I gave in the original setup. 
  However, I still got that error as well., even when the app I was 
dealing with wasn't installing from CD.  Because I have a newer 
distribution tha can do automounting, it mounts a disk as soon as I put 
it in.  Somehow, the script didn't like working that way.  So what is 
necessary here is to either manually unmount before you get to this 
step, or unmount then remount once the first error comes up.

So one could follow all the steps as shown, and it would still fail.  I 
wanted to try it again on my home system, but I've had to clear up a 
library problem here first in order for the script to run at all.

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