[Wine]Pseudo Partitions

James E. Lang jelly at ktb.net
Sun Dec 26 11:10:40 CST 2004

Is there a requirement that Drive C, Drive D, ... etc. NOT point to a part of 
the physical native Linux file system (e.g. reiserfs)?

What I want to do is take directory M:\XYZ (/win/m/XYZ), copy it so that an 
image of it appears in /home/me/MPart/XYZ and configure Wine to view 
/home/me/MPart as being M;\ if that is possible. But so far, the Windows 
application does not like that. Maybe I don't know how to change .wine/config 

I changed

[Drive M]
"Type" = "hd"
"Path" = "/win/m"
"Label" = "/win/m"
"FS" = "win95"


[Drive M]
"Type" = "hd"
"Path" = "/home/me/MPart"
"Label" = "/home/me/MPart"
"FS" = "win95"

BTW, should that be FS or Filesystem? I've seen both in config.


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