[Wine]20041201 Installation Problem - RESOLVED

Adam D adam_d35 at yahoo.ca
Mon Dec 27 02:49:12 CST 2004

Since I have resolved my own problem, I have decided
to share my results just in case someone is having the
same installation problem in Debian. Also, and this is
for David Gümbel who tried to help me fix some
pre-compiled file path for a program I have designed
in Windows that didn't work with wine-20040615: thanks
David for your help, my Windows program and its sound
file work fine now with wine-20041201.

The error messages mentioned in my email seem to
or LOCATION during wine installation. I frankly don't
have any good explanation for it because my Linux and
wine installations were done according to  readme
files. No interference at all. I have  simply logged
in as a root, reconstructed the full path used by
wine-20040615 in a second computer, and then copied
all the files to the right directory for
wine-20041201. That's it. No more error messages
including the one mentioned in my email on WINE and
Pre-Compiled Path.

The lesson here is to make sure that the files are
installed in the right directories. Unfortunately, the
file path or location is not always provided in the
readme file. In my situation, even after following the
installation instructions, wine installed itself in
some other places, and I had to play Hide-and-Seek for
several hours in order to reconstruct the right path. 

wine is wine,
and I love it.


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