[Wine]Wine and NT Authentification core.

Benoit Plessis benoit at plessis.info
Thu Dec 30 07:17:53 CST 2004


I wonder if it's possible to setup wine so that applications using NT
Authentification (NTLM) (secur32.dll and security.dll) may work ?

I'm trying the radmin tools and the win32 computer that are using radmin
use the NT security protocol to allow login.

Actually i've tried using WINEDEBUG='warn+all' and WINEDEBUG='+loaddll' 
to replace the core dll of windows network but i get stuck to 

err:module:find_forwarded_export module not found for forward
'SECUR32.InitSecurityInterfaceA' used by L"C:\\Windows\\System\

with the radmin 2.1 release, while i can't find any network somehow
related error with the 2.2 release.

I've added the following the the wine config:
> [DllOverrides]
> "security" = "native"
> "secur32" = "native"
I've seem some wine/samba messages on google dated 2002 but nothing newer.
Btw the wine is the latest from debian/sid (20040914).

So if anyone know a way...

BOFH excuse #262:

Our POP server was kidnapped by a weasel.

Benoit Plessis <benoit at plessis.info>

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