Permissions problem?

Robert D Hughes rob at
Mon Feb 2 16:57:43 CST 2004

It looks like you're running a kernel with nptl enabled. The winebuild script should detect this, but if it's not, try running ./configure with --with-nptl=yes.

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	From: Matt Hannan [mailto:matthew.j.hannan at] 
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	Subject: Permissions problem?
	I am trying my hand at setting up Notes under WINE, but I am not getting
	very far.
	[hannamj at tux hannamj]$ wine /tmp/NotesInstall/Setup.exe
	wine: '/tmp/.wine-hannamj/server-302-fbdd3' must not be accessible by
	other users
	I have messed with the permissions with chmod, but I am getting either
	the above error or:
	[hannamj at tux hannamj]$ wine /tmp/NotesInstall/Setup.exe
	wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-hannamj/server-302-fbdd3 : Permission denied
	Can anyone tell me what the proper permissions for this directory are?

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