wineserver control

Luca Zancan l.zancan at logica.mail
Tue Feb 3 04:27:38 CST 2004

Hi everybody,

I'd like to know how I can control the running of the Wine service (I've
installed wine20031212 on a Linux RedHat8 with "wineinstall": everything
is working well).

For the moment I've discovered only the switches of the "wineserver"
executable (through "wineserver --help"), but the question is:
is this the only method to control the Wine server?,
and, most of all:
how is the wine server automatically started at the system startup and
which is the name of the wine process (I can't find it with the "ps -ef"
command)??? Which is the script that launches Wine at startup?

I find the wine server already active at the startup (I know it because
when I execute a program with "wine executablename.exe", the server is
already started), but I can't find a reference to it in my startup

Thank you very much for your help,

Luca Zancan
Logica S.r.l.
e-mail l.zancan at

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