starcraft doesn't get the keyboard

motub at motub at
Wed Feb 4 05:23:06 CST 2004

cedric wrote:

>Hi, i've installed wine-20031118. When i start starcraft my mouse
works, but 
>all the keystrokes are directed to the console, not the game. 
>Tried to run the game managed & unmanaged, makes no difference
>Any suggestions?
>Greets, cedric

OK, suggestions:

1. Get a current Wine binary (the one you're using is some 3 months
old-- unless you're using FreeBSD-- which is pretty old when we're
talking about a program under constant development), from ;

2. Try starting Starcraft from a run box or a symlink rather than the
console. Sometimes that makes a difference.

Hope this helps,
Holly Bostick

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