Problems running MS Money 97

Keith Winston keithw at
Sat Feb 7 10:19:56 CST 2004


I have done a lot of work to try to get it to run, but now I am stuck. 
Following are the things I've tried.

Money 97 will install (after a long time) on both Crossover Office 2.1.0
and wine-20040121.  When starting the program in both Crossover and
wine, an error dialog box is displayed when starting the program. The
text of the error message is:

"The path is not properly set up in the registry or has been moved after
running Money's setup. Please reinstall Money. Otherwise, Money may not
be able to run properly."

After clicking OK, the dialog goes away and the program does not start.

I looked at the registry settings and found that some entries for the
program name and DLLs use lower case while the install created all upper
case names. I manually fixed the case names, but it made no difference.

I tried re-installing, but received the same error.

Next, I tried installing under Crossover using different Windows
versons.  Same error.

Next, I tried using Windows native DLLs in wine.  Same error.

Next, I dumped the Registry from a working install on Windows 98SE and
compared every Money key to the wine version.  There were a few missing,
but they were empty keys but I added them anyway.  Same error.

Next, I used --debugmsg to trace all registry calls.  Here is the output
at the end right before it quits:

trace:reg:NtQueryValueKey (0x10,L"midimap.drv",2,0x4087f828,80)
trace:reg:NtQueryValueKey (0x10,L"*midimap.drv",2,0x4087f828,80)
trace:reg:NtQueryValueKey (0x10,L"*",2,0x4087f828,80)
trace:reg:NtCreateKey (0x40,L"Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App$
trace:reg:NtCreateKey <- 0x60
trace:reg:RegQueryValueExA (0x60,"Path",(nil),0x4087fcec,0x4087f30c,0x4087fcf4=$
trace:reg:NtQueryValueKey (0x60,L"Path",2,0x4087ed88,256)

Here is my "App Paths" key in ~/.wine/system.reg:

[Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App Paths\\MSMONEY.EXE] 10755662$
@="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Money\\MSMONEY.EXE"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Money\\"

It sure seems like a registry problem, but I don't see the error.  I
would appreciate any tips or suggestions.

Best Regards,

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