mixed mode CD problem?

Robert W. Fuller garbageout at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 8 12:04:40 CST 2004

The Student Resource CD from the Ninth Edition of The Enjoyment of Music 
doesn't work too well.  Specifically, Benjamin Britten's Young Person's 
Guide to the Orchestra doesn't work correctly.  The program doesn't play 
  excerpts from the disc as it should.

I've noticed some oddities concerning this CD.  For example, if you're 
in Word 2000 in the File Open dialog and you try to hit the drop down 
list to see the list of drives, you get a lot of I/O error and seek 
errors in the system log, and Word hangs.  Is this related to the mixed 
mode label reading problems I've seen in the archives?

Also, when you try to mount the disc under Linux, you have to specify 
iso9660 either on the command line or in /etc/fstab or you get more 
seek/IO errors.  I'm betting this is related.

By the way, the CD/program work as they should in Windows 98.  I'm using 
the 12-12-2003 version of Wine.  I would like this fixed because I 
really hate having to reboot into Windows 98.

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