Client informix problem

giovanni giovanni at
Mon Feb 9 04:16:56 CST 2004

It's my first wine installation.
I have install the Client Informix 2.5 with wine

When I try to use the Client  I receive this message.
err:module:import_dll No implementation for ISQLT09A.dll._deccmp 
imported from L"C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Borland 
Shared\\BDE\\SQLINF9.DLL", setting to  exdeadbeef err:module:import

The ISQLT09A.dll is present on my server.  If I register my DLL with 
regsvr32 I receive this messages
DllRegisterServer not implemented in dll ISQLT09A.dll

What is the problem?
Any Idea
Thank's a lot

Bye Giovanni

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