wine locks up when the program fails

"Cristóvão B. B. Dalla Costa" cbraga at
Wed Feb 11 13:26:19 CST 2004


I've disable the debugger as per the advice received though the 
wine-devel list, but then the program locks up. If I also disable the 
"autodebug" there'll be a dialogue box and on clicking "no" to debug it 
halts all the same -- the program window isn't updated anymore, and if I 
kill the wine-pthread processes manually they become zombies and the 
window goes away. Does anyone know how to fix this, so that not 
debugging results in Wine exiting cleanly?

I'm using 20031212. Is it too old? I'd like to avoid upgrading since 
most things we need run fine and upgrading would mean messing with RPMs.

Thanks in advance,


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