hosting warcraft 3 multiplayer games

Philippe Anctil z77y16 at
Thu Feb 12 13:52:22 CST 2004

Hi Tudor,

Looks like I should review my firewall config. Since I've been hosting 
Starcraft games, I was quite sure there wouldn't be a problem hosting WC3 

Thanks for the suggestion!

> > I've been trying to host Warcraft 3 games, without success so far. I 
> > an iptables firewall up but I believe it is setup correctly : I can host
> > Starcraft games.
>If you mean creating an Arranged Team game on, I had a similar 
>with a hardware firewall: nobody could connect to my game.
>The solution is to allow external connections to port 6112 (this is the
>default, you can change it in Options->Gameplay). Check your firewall
>logs, you'll probably see rejected packets coming to port 6112.
>If you use NAT to share the Internet connection with other(s), make sure
>the packets coming to port 6112 are directed to your computer. In my
>case, I had to define a pinhole in my router/firewall (used for NAT too).
>Also in case of NAT, if the others you're sharing the connection with
>play Warcraft III at the same time, you'll have to define separate ports
>for each of them (6113, 6114 etc.) This is explained in some Blizzard

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