wine-20040213 does not compile

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Sun Feb 15 13:49:48 CST 2004

>From: Mark Hannessen <msh104 <at>>
>Subject: wine-20040213 does not compile
>Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 19:08:48 +0100
>hi guys, I tried compiling wine-20040213 today but I got the following error:
>make[2]: Entering directory `/progs/build/wine-20040213/dlls/x11drv'
>gcc -c -I. -I. -I../../include -I../../include -I/usr/X11R6/include 
>-D__WINESRC__ -DBINDIR="\"/usr/bin\"" -D_REENTRANT -fPIC -Wall -pipe 
>-mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 -fno-strict-aliasing -gstabs+ -Wpointer-arith  
>-g -O2 -o keyboard.o keyboard.c
>keyboard.c: In function `X11DRV_ToUnicodeEx':
>keyboard.c:2128: error: `XK_EuroSign' undeclared (first use in this function)
>keyboard.c:2128: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
>keyboard.c:2128: error: for each function it appears in.)
>make[2]: *** [keyboard.o] Error 1
>make[2]: Leaving directory `/progs/build/wine-20040213/dlls/x11drv'
>make[1]: *** [x11drv] Error 2
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/progs/build/wine-20040213/dlls'
>make: *** [dlls] Error 2
>anybody any hints?
>Mark Hannessen


For me it sounds like a wrong configured kernel. Have u enabled a kernel charset with euro support? If not, su, go to your kernel directory (most likely /usr/src/linux i think) and type 'make menuconfig'. Search the subdir "Native Language Support" (in 2.6 kernels it is in the file system dir), enable the NLS ISO 8859-15 (or the for u corresponding one with euro support) and write its name into the second line from the top counted. exit, save your changes and build ur kernel as normal. U'll have to reboot after that. Sorry if u knew that already, i didnt want to bother you ;)

Norbert Nordpol
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