Att. Admin: Mailing list subject prefix... please?

David Jones gnome at
Tue Feb 17 12:55:11 CST 2004

I use a mail client that only displays a certain number of characters to 
the subject line. Adding such list-identifiers (especially at the start 
of the subject) just adds useless garbage that nearly makes the subject 
line useless to me. If it could be added at the END of the subject, then 
people could still filter on it without other people having it clutter 
the subject line.

FWIW, I'm firmly convinced that this whole concept of modifying subjects 
arose solely for one thing - to compensate for the inability of Outlook 
Express and older versions of Outlook to filter on anything *except* 
Subject, From, and To fields.

But what do I know? I can't STAND doing email via Outlook or web-based 
services - every one I've ever met has been slow and clumsy! ;-)

gnome at

Rufus Laggren wrote:
> Thanks for you replies. I use a web-based service for all my lists. It only tests the usual visible fields and provides no complex 
> expressions. The "from" contains the address of the individual sender. I can use the "to" and "cc" which  _may_ contain the 
> "wine-users" address, and presently I use two filters to test these fields. It pretty much works, but a subject line literal would be 
> better, at least for me. 
> Rufus 
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> From: Michael Peddemors <michael at> 
> Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 16:13:53 -0800 
> To: wine-users at 
> Subject: Re: Att. Admin:   Mailing list subject prefix... please? 
>>Or, even better.. Filter on Mail List ID :) 
>>Using Konqueror for instance, click on one of the incoming messages in the  
>>preview pain, right click, create filter on mailing list.  Most mailing lists  
>>have this set nowadays.. 
>>From the headers you will see.. 
>>List-Id: Wine Users Mailing List <> 
>>List-Post: <mailto:wine-users at> 
>>List-Help: <mailto:wine-users-request at> 
>>Also, makes it easy, as once a filter is setup, and put in a folder, you can  
>>easily hit 'reply to list'  
>>On February 16, 2004 03:27 pm, Holly Bostick wrote: 
>>>Rufus Laggren wrote: 
>>>>Can we set up the list server to force a 4-8 char prefix, uniqe to each 
>>>>list,  on all subject lines sent to addressees ? Eg. "whq-usr" for Wine 
>>>>User forum. I receive several mailing lists with 15+ posts daily and it 
>>>>_really_ helps to be able to filter them into their own folders. 
>>>>Thanks, Rufus 
>>>Not that I wouldn't also appreciate this, but I must mention that I 
>>>filter these messages by *sender* (which is always 
>>>'wine-users at') and it works fine for me. 
>>>Hope that helps, 
>>>Holly Bostick.

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