ie 6 with wine-20040121

Martin Widmark martin at
Wed Feb 18 07:30:39 CST 2004

> I tried to install ie6Sp1 on wine without any windows installation, as it
> is described in the Application DB, but the program hangs at 59 %.

I've been using the installlation method 2 described here:

Works rather well under wine-20031212. I haven't tested 20040121 yet, but
I've ssen several reports that software that worked under 20031212 doesn't
work under 20040121 and 20040213. Seems to be problems with the uxtheme.dll.
Setting it to native in teh DLLOverrides-section in the config file seems to
solve some problems though.

And I do recommend the forum over att

/Martin Widmark

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