How do you completely remove wine and start over?

Wayne Dahl w.dahl4 at
Thu Feb 19 00:09:46 CST 2004

Ok, it looks like I've completely boloxed up my wine install on this
box.  I'm running RH 8.0 on an i386 machine and can't seem to find key
components.  I've tried removing the previous incarnations using rpm,
but the files still seem to be there from an old install from 2003.

If I just wanted to completely wipe wine off this thing and start fresh
with a completely new install, what would be the best way to do it since
it appears rpm isn't working?

Maybe the next question should be, do I need to do that?  I just
downloaded the latest rpm for rh8 and I got several complaints from rpm
that several files were in conflict with the previous version which was
from I forced the install with rpm -ivh --force
wine20040213-1rh8winehq.i386.rpm and it installed with no complaints. 
However, I can now no longer locate tools/wineinstall anywhere on this
box.  Do I still need it?  This is coming from a wine newbie and Linux

Short of completely reinstalling everything else and starting over, is
there another way to get this done?



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