Problems installing Office 2000 Pro

Dominic Genest Dominic.Genest at
Thu Feb 19 10:50:40 CST 2004


Having inserted the "Office 2000 Pro" CD in my cd reader (and having mounted 
it properly), I try the following command :
        wine n:\\install.exe
And I get the following message :
        Call not implemented
So I tried :
        wine --debugmsg +all n:\\install.exe
Then I get many many messages, but I guess only the last few lines are 
important, and there they go :
trace:module:process_attach (L"msi.dll",0x1) - END
trace:module:process_attach (L"msiexec.exe",0x1) - END
fixme:msi:MsiEnableLogA 00000516 "X:\\Office 2000 Professional Setup 
(0042)_MsiExec.txt" 0
fixme:msi:MsiSetInternalUI 00000005 (nil)
trace:msi:MsiInstallProductA "N:\\data1.msi" " "
fixme:msi:MsiInstallProductW L"N:\\data1.msi" L" "
trace:module:LdrGetDllHandle 0 0 L"kernel32.dll" -> 0x404b0000
Call not implemented
trace:module:LdrShutdownProcess ()
000b:Call PE DLL (proc=0x408ebe70,module=0x408c0000 
trace:ole:DllMain 0x408c0000 0x0 0x1
000b:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x408ebe70,module=0x408c0000 
L"ole32.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1) retval=1
000b:Call PE DLL (proc=0x4094c8f0,module=0x40930000 
000b:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x4094c8f0,module=0x40930000 
L"rpcrt4.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1) retval=1
000b:Call PE DLL (proc=0x4079f650,module=0x40700000 
000b:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x4079f650,module=0x40700000 
L"user32.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1) retval=1
000b:Call PE DLL (proc=0x40ad5130,module=0x40aa0000 
000b:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x40ad5130,module=0x40aa0000 
L"x11drv.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1) retval=1
000b:Call PE DLL (proc=0x40877d40,module=0x40830000 
000b:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x40877d40,module=0x40830000 
L"gdi32.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1) retval=1
000b:Call PE DLL (proc=0x404eb140,module=0x404b0000 
000b:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x404eb140,module=0x404b0000 
L"kernel32.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1) retval=1

Any ideas ? Is it that the builtin "kernel32.dll" doesn't implement 
"ShutdownProcess" ?

Thank you very much !


Dominic Genest
Étudiant 3e cycle
Département d'Informatique et de Génie Logiciel
Université Laval

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