How do you completely remove wine and start over?

Wayne Dahl w.dahl4 at
Thu Feb 19 12:20:12 CST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 01:58, Joachim von Thadden wrote:

> What I see from your mail is that you installed a new wine version with
> rpm -i <file> over your existing older version. If you would have used
> rpm -u <file> you would not got these messages about conflicts with
> existing files from another rpm package. Because with -i you install new
> software whereas with -u you just update. It is very likely that you now
> have both versions mixed together on your system. Check this by giving
> rpm -q wine and see whether you get both, the old and the new version.

I was following the install directions given at
and the instructions to do rpm -qa|grep -i wine never returned
anything.  I think this is why I had two different versions installed on
this box.  Your instructions were MUCH more helpful.

> If it is like this, do rpm -e <last-version> (20040212) and the rpm -e
> <existing-version> (20040121). If there were any other versions, delete
> them also. Then (after some errors) all versions should be deleted from
> your system. If you now delete the .wine directory of your user you have
> a clean system. Now install the version of wine you really want. I
> recommend the 20031212 build.

Ok, after doing the above, I still cannot locate tools/wineinstall.  Is
it not installed or necessary with the rpms?  It's been so long since I
first installed on this machine, I may have installed from a tarball
before instead of an rpm, but I can't remember.

Thanks for your help Joachim.  I'll probably be sending more requests
for help in the future...and here's a question that I've had for a
while.  I have a native Win98 partition on this box (was a Win98 box
before I installed Linux on it) on /mnt/hda1, but have had little luck
running applications already installed there using the native
environment.  About the only app I've got running is mIRC, the IRC
client.  Applications that use say, Internet Explorer, and make calls to
it, will they work with wine?  I'm thinking of something like
Intellicasts desktop weather display...if you click on the map on the
front of their display, it calls IE to pull up the weather map.  I
couldn't really care less about using it, but I can't get my wife to
stop...if I could get this stuff working for her in Linux, she'd have no
reason to boot up the Win98 box.

Thanks again,


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