Website help for installing software, not running it

Dominic Genest Dominic.Genest.1 at
Wed Feb 18 19:14:54 CST 2004


I browsed the "applications" section on the Wine website in order to find
 help for installing MS Office. The only successtories or comments I found
 were about running one part of MS Office (for instance Word, or Excel), not
 installing it.

Was I looking at the wrong place ? Where could installation procedures be
documented ? Or maybe is it just impossible to run the normal installation
process ? Do I have to copy the files once they are actually installed on a
real Windows partition, and then running them with Wine ?

Thanks for any help


Dominic Genest
Étudiant 3e cycle
Département d'Informatique et de Génie Logiciel
Université Laval

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