Delphi 6 app with QReport

Petre Mitrache petrem at
Thu Feb 19 04:40:26 CST 2004

Joachim von Thadden wrote:

> You really got Delphi 6 working? I still have problems to install it.
> If you post your config I can help you with printing.  Can you please
> tell me your

        Sorry, I was ambiguous, I've not got Delphi 6 working, just an application
writhed in Delphi 6 with BDE.

        Anyway I think (but I didn't tried!!) that Delphi 6 could be working if is
not installed with installer, because are some problem with the installer,
instead copied from CD and imported in wine registry what it need from
windows registry. I will try this when I will have enough time.
        I could get some time if I will figure out with actual problem, but now I'm
trying to port my application on Lazarus...
        I was using Wine-20040121.tar.gz, and now I am installing

        Sorry because I couldn't help you...

> - wine version
> - dlls you installed
> - your config?
> Did you do anything special? Did you install everything?
> Regards
> Joachim

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