Framemaker 7.0 Is Alive

Mike Kost mike at
Fri Feb 20 07:34:11 CST 2004

Thanks to a patch from Dmitry Timoshkov, I was able to get Framemaker 7.0 to 
start up and run. I am using a Demonstration License so your milage may vary, 
but I was able to wake-up Framemaker and do basic stuff.


 1. Download Wine 20031212
 2. Apply patch to dlls/ntdll/virtual.c -
 3. Compile & Install
 4. Use the IE 6 install script found here:
 5. Install DCOM98.EXE - WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ole=n" wine dcom98.exe
 6. Install Framemaker 7.0
 - It recognizes all the local fonts
 - I was able to enter text, change fonts, and other basic operations
 - There was an "Adobe Online internal error". I'm guessing that it won't 
contact the mothership to download updates right now.
 - When I open up the Help->About window, the program hung
 - I ran through several other dialog box creating menu items and it also hung 

Mike Kost
mike at tashcorp dot net

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