How do you completely remove wine and start over?

Jeramy Ashlock ashlock at
Fri Feb 20 20:10:38 CST 2004

Hi Wayne,

If the leftover files you are talking about are the ones in the /usr/src 
directory because you originally installed it **from a .src.rpm**, I 
have just gone and deleted those all from the SPECS/RPMS/BUILD etc... 
directories after uninstalling the package.  To me, they seem like 
leftover installation files once the package is installed.  You may 
first want to find out if this is OK to do (for any .src.rpm package for 
that matter).  This is from one newbie to another, so take it with a 
grain of salt.

However, if you just installed wine from an ordinary .i386.rpm, (not a 
source rpm),  then just remove your .wine directory (rm -rf ~/.wine) and 
type "wine" and it will be created anew.  then you can edit the config 
file and do a "wineboot".  You will loose all your programs installed on 
the fake win drive and any customizations you made in the config file.

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