Does wine supports database applications

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at
Sat Feb 21 07:38:47 CST 2004

* David Lee Lambert <lamber45 at> [2004-02-20 20:51:21 -0500]:

> > BTW: is there any interest in adapting the win-odbc to unixODBC 
> > within wine ?
> This seems like it would be a good idea forporting applications 
> written against a MySQL or Postgres backend, or where Unix ODBC drivers 
> are available.  
IMHO most important RDBMS' are available through unixodbc, even the M$-toys.

> It might be more useful to write a converter that looks like an ODBC driver 
> to Windows aplications but passes requests along to a Perl DBI driver.
No, better write this one as an unixodbc-driver. 
Always going over perl makes things slower and adds unneeded complexitiy.
Most cases will work w/ uodbc and these few which require perl modules
are acceptable to be slower.

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