Hashy sound on sis 7012

Melvin Jenklowiecz jenklowiecz at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 16:32:13 CST 2004

  I'm using an EZ-Buddie with an SIS7012 audio chip on
slackware 9.1. I'm running the official binary package
for slack, and I have a problem.

 I'm running a program called BMS business music
system by NCH swift sound software under wine. Sound
output works flawlessly on an intel 845GE chipset with
the same software installed. The sis 7012 on the other
hand produces really bad hashy sound from under wine..
I also installed winamp and got the same staticy
output.i have tried the workaround supplied here:
but that does not change anything. If there is another
way to deal with this I'd appreciate some help. This
does work flawlessly on a real 845GE, so if tehre is
another card that may do better I'd like to hear. 


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