Clicking on Quicken install.exe program causes "Open With" box to pop up.

Jerry Rains JMRAINS at
Tue Feb 24 22:35:15 CST 2004

I recently installed SuSE8.2 which came with Wine 20030217 and I was able to
install Quicken 2000 Basic without problem.  Over the last two days I have
installed Synaptic and brought the SuSE8.2 up to date and downloaded the
20040213 wine rpm and installed it.

My Quicken 2000 Basic still runs fine, but when I tried to see if my Quicken
2004 would now install (It failed miserably before), I now get a Konqueror
box asking me which application I want to use to "Open" install.exe with.
When I hover over the file, Konqueror correctly describes the file as a
Windows executable.

Fortunately, my son, who is a Linux guru, called and I found out that I
could install it from the command line, while in the directory that has the
install.exe by typing:

wine ./install.exe

Unfortunately 2004 Deluxe still fails miserably.  Now I'm trying to unlock
the Deluxe in my 2000 Basic.  It is trying to launch IE, which I couldn't
get to install.  Does anyone know how to convince Quicken to use Konqueror
or Mozilla or how to install IE?

Jerry Rains

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