Problem running wine

Jancs jancs at
Thu Feb 26 06:15:26 CST 2004


i tried to get wine running but went into problems:

if i try to execute wine program.exe (on console under kde), i get some
garbage in console, but no window is open. Actually, the program dies
without any signs of errors etc. At the first i blamed myself for the
compiling of winex and soem problems with libs, but removing of it and
installation of wine from package did not helped a lot.

sys: AthlonXp2.7, Nforce2-ed Asus MB/0.5G Ram, Slackware

I tierd to run Office2k setup, office95 setup, IE6 setup with identical
results (Office 2k installet tahoma font and died silently)

When i tried to compile winex 3-2-1 with enable-sdllib, it argued a lot
about alsa - i was unable to compile it nor with neither without alsa.

Whaere could be the problem?

Laps Cileecish

Veel 304 meeneshi liidz pensijai...

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