wine hangs if nfs is running

Kyle Davenport kdd at
Fri Feb 27 15:52:28 CST 2004

I just upgraded to wine-20040213-1rh8winehq.athlon.rpm from 
First thing I run to test it is notepad.  Wine hangs with 2 processes
using 100% of the cpu: wine-pthreads and rpc.rquotad.  I tried several
other wine/windows programs with the same result.  I stopped the nfs
service, and now notepad runs fine.  I restarted nfs, and notepad still
works!  Very curious, indeed.

My last version of wine, wine-20031016-1rh8winehq.athlon.rpm, did not
have this problem.  I'm running redhat with updated gcc 3.2, but on a
stock 2.4.23 kernel.  nfs-utils-1.0.5-1 and quota-3.06-5


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