AutoCAD 2004

Khiraly khiraly at
Sat Feb 28 14:59:04 CST 2004


Im trying to install autoCAD 2004 with wine(debian package: 20040121), 
the install program works, but when I click on the INSTALLATION button,
I have a pop-up window with the following message:
YOu must have internet Explorer version 6 or above.

I have installed Internet Explorer 6, and retried. Now when I click on
the INSTALLATION button it just nothing do, I have no warning(in the
console), no error message. But wineserver have 90% CPU-burst for hours.

I suppose this comes because the DemoShield 7.0 version.

Have somebody tried to install a software which is coming with this
installation program(DemoShield 7.0)?

Best regards, 

ps: sorry for my poor english

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