using wine from a cgi

Brian White brian.white at
Sun Feb 29 19:57:05 CST 2004

Hi all -
	I have apache on redhat linux & the latest version of wine.  I'd like 
to make a perl cgi script that uses a windows program to do some 
processing for a web page.  The script does what it is supposed to do 
(wine starts & the windows program runs AOK)  when run from the command 
line as root, but when it runs under user apache from a www request, I 
don't think wine even starts.  I have a feeling that it is because user 
apache does not have a home directory for wine to put its .wine 
directory - but I don't know how to fix that.
	Has anyone succeeded in getting a perl script called by a cgi request 
to apache to run a windows program under wine?  If so, how?  Does 
anyone know that it is impossible?
	Thanks so much for any help.

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