StarCraft BroodWar Performace

Philippe Anctil z77y16 at
Sun Jan 4 16:10:38 CST 2004

>Who can tell me some way to improve the performance of the StarCraft
>BroodWar in Wine-20031118 for RedHat 8.0 2.4.18-14 in a Pentium III at


I had very serious speed issues in RedHat9. It got better after I compiled a 
new kernel (2.4.23). I lost the link where this was suggested.

I am also unsure how important this is, but I am also running Starcraft in a 
16bpp display in the hope it is making the pixel conversion a little faster 
(Starcraft is a 8bpp only game). I also set the display to the game 
resolution, as I had problems with the game not keeping the cursor inside 
it's window for a while.

I wrote a small howto for running games in a dedicated display. You can find 
it here:

I hope it helps making your Linux gaming experience better!

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