Newbie rather odd questions.......

Alex Stewart Roboman at
Sun Jan 4 20:19:48 CST 2004

Hello All!
	First a quick explanation of why I have to make this complicated ;)
Im building a Lightwave Render Farm (win2k based app so I need wine)
for linux. The tricky part is the machines Im using have no HD's they 
all net boot
from our server....anywayz the problem --> I have everything set up and 
happy I just need to get wine installed on the OS that the remote 
machines load from the
server. The root of this system is a folder at 
/opt/pxes-0.7/stock/dist/  so in an attempt
to install wine I altered the wineinstall script so the prefix pointed 
to the root of the
system I wanted it installed in. After doing all this and hours of 
waiting I turned on a
remote node and tried running wine with no joy. It complains about not 
being able to
find and cant initialize. The urck part is its looking for 
it at /opt/pxes-0.7/stock/dist/lib/wine
which isnt really there.....My question is this path stored in a config 
file somewhere in the structure
or more to the point how does wine know were  to look for its libs? is 
there a way I can change it to
chop off the path so its pointing to the right root?
Thanx for any help!


PS- I think I read somewhere other people had succeeded in getting 
lwsn.exe to run in wine. If any of
you are reading this my other question is how do the plugins work...Do 
things like Sasquatch run ok?

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