Mounting an ntfs disk

Mark Knecht mknecht at
Wed Jan 7 17:27:34 CST 2004

> > I would like to mount an ntfs disk on my
> > Linux Redhat 9.0 system, so that I can
> > access windows dlls.  It is on another partition
> > on my disk.  When I try to mount it, for example,
> >
> > mount -t auto /dev/hda1 /winroot
> >
> > I get the error message:
> >
> > mount: fs type ntfs not supported by kernel
> Red Hat does not compile NTFS support into kernel.
> Use either or
> if you
> want read/write support.

The Redhat-Install list guys (not affiliated with Redhat in any way) have
done a nice job of packaging up a lot of this stuff in an easy to use way.
Give it a try if it makes sense to you.


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