Wine troubles on Diskless workstations.....

Rob Hughes rob at
Wed Jan 7 22:21:33 CST 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 20:18, Alex Stewart wrote:

>   it looks for its libs at : 
> /opt/pxes-0.7/stock/dist/lib/wine/   Which makes since. The 
> directory "dist"
> is the distribution level of the root fs. So when it gets compressed 
> the nodes think dist is root ie the libraries
> are in the file system there just not in 
> opt/pxes-0.7/stock/dist/lib/wine/ they are in fact in  /lib
> at the root of the ramdisk.......So my question is where is this path 

Then perhaps you should build wine with the prefix that the clients will
be using. You may need to create a chroot'ed environment that emulates
what the clients will be using.

This is, of course, the problem you're actually having. You're pointing
the install directory to a directory that doesn't exist for the clients.

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