Missing DLLs & More (was Re: Newbie with major problems)

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at inwind.it
Thu Jan 8 11:55:03 CST 2004

> Also, what dlls are recommended to get off these
> cds?
None, unless you find that a program won't work without a specific dll. If you
don't find a howto or something on the web, you'll have to go by trial and error
with every program that doesn't work, and even this doesn't guarantee you that
the program will work. Have a look at
> Besides this issue, I am also experiencing an issue with the default font (I
> tried changing it in the config file, but it did nothing to change this
> problem).  Check out this screenshot of AIM:
Open you fake C:\windows\fonts and delete all the files you find in there.
Remember that wine is ALPHA software (More or less like longhorn), so it's under
heavy development and it's not anywhere near to being finished.


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