.VXD files

Chris Wagner ismgr at atchisonkansas.net
Thu Jan 8 15:48:47 CST 2004

Xavier Mas i Ramón wrote:

>Hi friends !
>My name is Xavier and I'm new on that list. 
>I just installed wine20030709 using winetools and everything went fine
>(I get a correctness percentage from wine of 96%). When I started
>executig some simple files as the Wordpad or calculator of my windows
>partition all goes well, but if I try to execute other applications as
>Norton Utilities I get the error from wine that can't  execute the .vxd
>I'd appreciated very much if somebody can help to solve this problem as
>I can not execute any windows file, actually. By the way, what's a .vxd
>file ?
>Tks a lot for yr help !
Couldn't help you with the answer as far as WINE, but if memory serves, 
.vxd are virtual device driver files......

Hope that helps.....

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