Wine on Redhat 9

Griffin Hernandez griffent at
Fri Jan 9 04:31:09 CST 2004

I reciently installed wine on my linux box. It worked fine with winamp 
2.91 and if I opened Cstrike.exe it asked for a cdkey, but I was unable 
to enter one, nothing would be registered, but that was ok with me, I 
had winamp. lol. When I installed ATI's drivers and went to run winamp, 
cstrike, or whatnot, I get a black screen, my monitor displays "Power 
Saving" then turns off. The computer still responds, but I have no 
display. If I connect using RealVNC, I get the gnome desktop, and 
everything works fine. I can use SSL to connect to it as well. As an 
attempt to remedy this, i uninstalled the wine RPM, then downloaded the 
latest version as a source code so I could use wineinstall as per 
recommended by the website. Installed it and it still blackscreens.
Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance 

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