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Tue Jan 13 05:54:29 CST 2004

for a redhat build i would recomend www.rpmfind.net.
they keep pretty old versions.

hope that helps

--- saravanan <saravananv@> wrote:
> Hai guys,
>        I would like to get some old WINE softwares for Redhat 7.3 & RedHat
> 9.0 machines. Because the latest WINE softwares takes a lot of time to
> execute an OCR program. ( Eg. wine-20031016-1rh73winehq.i686-2). But the WINE
> s/w provided with the RedHat-7.3 cd ie.,wine-20020327-1.i386 executes the
> program very quickly but the problem is, it takes  a long time to build font
> metrics in order to call the program.  So i would like to get the WINE
> softwares released in the earlier months of 2003. eg. WINE-20030318 for
> RedHat7.3 & RedHat9.0 .I believe that the earlier WINEs might call the
> program very quickly and also it might execute the program quickly.In
> RedHat8.0 machine the program works very well with
> wine-20030318-1rh8winehq.i386, which is provided with the CD. Please kindly
> let me know where i can get these old but working WINEs. 
>  The machine i am using is a DELL computer with Pentium-III peocessor. For
> this machine which architecture is suitable. whether
> i386 or i686.  
> Looking forward for your kind reply.
>                                           Saravanan
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