RPC and Wine

Branden R. Williams brw at ecatchlights.com
Tue Jan 13 14:05:21 CST 2004

Greetings folks.  I've got a great installation of Wine working well with
MS Office 2K.  What I am trying to do is install PGP Desktop for the
PGPDisk and outlook integration.  Now, it will install fine with the
default win98 stuff, but it installs VXD files which wine does not
support.  So, the NT install starts, but instead of completing it says...

NTLM Security Support Provider not found

To secure communication between various PGP components on your computer,
we require certain Microsoft Windows components which are not currently
installed.  Please make sure that "RPC Configuration" (Windows NT) or the
"Client for Microsoft Networks" (Windows 2000/XP) are installed.

Is there a way to get RPC Services installed and running so I can then run
this installer?

Branden R. Williams, CISSP

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