KQ8 : Mask of Eternity won't run with Wine20031212.

Philippe Anctil z77y16 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 13 20:38:05 CST 2004

Any clue about this anyone? Or should I simply can it?

>I've been trying to play KQ8 on my RH9, without success so far.
>The game installed without a problem. It hangs in the very early stages 
>when it is run:
>- I see the splash screen
>- The splash goes away
>- Many popups saying "Cannot open file" appear
>- Game freezes. I'd expect the game menu to appear.
>In my console, I have this message repeating 30 times approx:
>fixme:xrandr:X11DRV_XRandR_SetCurrentMode Need to update SYSMETRICS after 
>resizing display (now 640x480)
>Then this message printing in an infinite loop:
>fixme:mci:MCIWndProc support for MCIWNDM_ message WM_USER+106 not 
>I played with --debugmsg and eventually obtained an interesting message 
>printing in a loop:
>trace:mci:MCI_Open (00030200, 0x408c6bf0)
>trace:mci:MCI_Open lpstrElementName='w32opn_1.dll'
>trace:mci:MCI_GetDevTypeFromFileName No ...\MCI Extensions entry for '.dll' 
>fixme:xrandr:X11DRV_XRandR_SetCurrentMode Need to update SYSMETRICS after 
>resizing display (now 640x480)
>trace:mci:MCIWndCreateA 0x10023 0x400000 2 w32opn_1.dll
>This w32opn_1.dll is installed by the game in c:\sierra\mask, along with a 
>few other DLLS with similar names.
>I tried specifying this DLL in the dlloverrides section (with the exact 
>path c:\\sierra\\mask), but it didn't change a thing.
>I also tried loading native WinMe DLLs. That didn't help either.
>"mciavi.drv" = "native"
>"mcicda.drv" = "native"
>"mciseq.drv" = "native"
>"mciwave.drv" = "native"
>I also tried running Wine in win95, win98 and winme. I didn't try beyond. 
>This game didn't work on a real win2k system.
>I can't help thinking there is a workaround.
>All thoughts are welcome!

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