Threading library change breaks wine apps ?

Pavel Troller patrol at
Thu Jan 15 04:13:44 CST 2004

  Recently I recompiled my glibc and moved from linuxthreads to nptl. Now
I have glibc-2.3.3 from cvs, which comes with nptl-0.6
I think.
  After the change, some wine apps stopped working, especially DC++ client.
I've recompiled wine for the new glibc, but no change.
  DC++ now crashes, it throws out dialogs saying something like "Progam
detected unhandled exception and DC++ will terminate" and wine barfs in
its console output:
fixme:seh:EXC_RtlRaiseException call to unimplemented function ntdll.dll.RtlCreateQueryDebugBuffer
but I think that it's just the result of the crash, not the cause.
  Other wine programs seem to continue working, but maybe they don't use
threading so much ?
  Now I see other binary being started by wine, formerly it was wine-kthread
and now it is wine-pthread, so I think that the threading library change is
honored by wine.
  Any experiences and hints, how to restore full wine functionality ?

                                        With regards, Pavel Troller

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