serial port access - microwin step 7

Matthias Schweinoch schweinoch at
Thu Jan 15 02:36:44 CST 2004


i'm trying to get the application MICROWIN STEP 7 (version 3.1 SP2) from
siemens to run. it's a tool which can program siemens simatic S7 through
different devices, among others via serial port ppi cabel.

the problem is this: the application installs fine, but when i try to
install a software device interface (the interface to the serial port,
for example), nothing happens. the application doesn't hang, it just
doesn't add the device interface.

i assume that the problem is the serial device access under wine. i've
already added these lines to the configuration file in hope of solving
the problem:


unfortunately, this still hasn't brought me anywhere. above lines should
allow applications a direct read/write access to the port 0x3F8-0x3FF,
right? if not, how would i allow a direct access to my serial devices?

thanks for the help!


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