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Fri Jan 16 12:38:43 CST 2004

Duane Clark wrote:

> ckotting at wrote:
>> Duane Clark wrote:
>>> Hmm, does the program come with fonts? 
>> Yes.
>>> Did you install them into Wine's window/Fonts directory? 
>> Yes.
>>> Do they show up in the font selection dialog?
>> Yes.
>> That's what is making me crazy.  When you go into Hebrew mode, the
fonts appear on the list, but no matter what you type, nada.  No
characters on screen, and no cursor movement, except a flicker perhaps.
>> I'm suspecting that the font metrics of the fonts that came with the
program are screwed up.  I may try another Hebrew font just to see what
we get.
> Please respond in the newsgroup, rather than to me directly. That way
there is a chance that someone with experience with Hebrew fonts (like
Shachar) might be able to jump in with some intelligent comments. Which,
unfortunately, I don't have any to add here ;) I don't know enough about

I can't say that I do either, but it seems to me that the problem is not
necessarily the fonts themselves, but is more likely to lie in the fact
that Hebrew is written right-to-left, and not left-to-right like English
and other such languages.

Wouldn't Wine have to have special support built in to recognize and
properly display such languages? Native Windows programs need special
support to do this (if they also display English), afaik. I'm sure that
the program itself has such support, but if Wine does not support the
support mechanisms, then there'd be a problem, I would think.

I'm just speculating-- am I way off the beam?

Holly Bostick

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