Font question

David Baron d_baron at
Sat Jan 17 16:10:29 CST 2004

And thar's the rub!

The newer office applications have at long last gone over to Unicode. Dagesh, 
the first and for clearness and ease of use, still the better of the 
multilingual WPs never made that step because the parent company died of fear 
of big-bill-gates :-(. I worked on the filters.

Used to be, one exported to RTF and this came into most Word versions 
perfectly. No more--the Dagesh RTF filters were good--I wrote them. But 
Microsoft more or less says: Its our language and you'll use it our way. It 
was a never ending chase of one's tail to keep up with their nonsense. Dagesh 
RTF will no longer go into word or open office or any of them. For the same 
reason as the non-latin fonts will not work  through wine. The newer apps are 

If the winemakers can come up with an interface to solve this problem, please 
do it so that it can be used/packaged under Windows as a simple filter as 
well. Will make a lot of folks happy! For now, HTML export is the only bridge 
to Word et al.

Dagesh is being maintained by Galtech--contact Gadi Doron at 
gadid at about evaluations copies for such purposes. I have not 
heard about open-sourcing but as one of the developers, I'd go for it--and I 
am most probably available (more particulars under private cover).

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