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Shachar Shemesh wine-users at
Sun Jan 18 06:53:13 CST 2004

David Baron wrote:

>And thar's the rub!
Which one? Give us some context, please.

>The newer office applications have at long last gone over to Unicode. Dagesh, 
>the first and for clearness and ease of use, still the better of the 
>multilingual WPs never made that step because the parent company died of fear 
>of big-bill-gates :-(. I worked on the filters.
How does the Unicode problem enter into Dagesh not working on Wine? Wine 
has a non-Unicode API as well, and that supports Hebrew (assuming your 
LC_CTYPE, or LANG, or whatever is set correctly, of course).

Besides the above, as far as I know, Dagesh does not even require Hebrew 
support from the underlying OS at all, so it should work even if Wine is 
compiled without BiDi.

>Used to be, one exported to RTF and this came into most Word versions 
>perfectly. No more--the Dagesh RTF filters were good--I wrote them. But 
>Microsoft more or less says: Its our language and you'll use it our way. It 
>was a never ending chase of one's tail to keep up with their nonsense. Dagesh 
>RTF will no longer go into word or open office or any of them. For the same 
>reason as the non-latin fonts will not work  through wine. The newer apps are 
As far as I know, RTF does not store it's stuff in Unicode. Even if it 
does, it's a pretty simple conversion.

>If the winemakers can come up with an interface to solve this problem, please 
>do it so that it can be used/packaged under Windows as a simple filter as 
>well. Will make a lot of folks happy! For now, HTML export is the only bridge 
>to Word et al.
I think you misunderstand Wine's role in this picture. Wine is not a 
tool to allow Dagesh to exchange things with Word. Wine is a tool to run 
the same ol Dagesh on Linux (and other non-Windows systems).

>Dagesh is being maintained by Galtech--contact Gadi Doron at 
>gadid at about evaluations copies for such purposes.
Thank you. I will. As a general note - next time don't advertise other 
people's email addresses on public lists without their knowledge.

> I have not 
>heard about open-sourcing but as one of the developers, I'd go for it--and I 
>am most probably available (more particulars under private cover).
I was not too intimately involved with that. As far as I remeber, it 
fell even before it was discussed.

On second reflection - it may not even have been Dagesh after all.


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Systems Consulting

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