Font question -- Dagesh

David Baron d_baron at
Sun Jan 18 09:19:11 CST 2004

Dagesh 2002, latest and greatest, will work with Wine. Some of the Hebrew 
fonts are not working but others are as well as unicode fonts and western 
fonts with unicode as well. For example, David did not work but Frank Ruehl, 
Lucida, etc. did.

Leave the KDE (or other desktop) keyboard as default English. Dagesh handles 
its own keyboards. Nikud displays correctly, cantillactions signs work but to 
overwrite the letter. I have not tried printing.

Note: Wine does not allow one to spawn other processes (can anyone tell me how 
to enable this!?). Disable the live spellchecking. Spell-checking, help, and 
keymaps will not work and will cause exceptions.

RTF export is no longer compatable with other office products because these 
are now unicode.

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